Drinking coffee

Drinking coffee

You can always come to the coffee

A pilgrim song. From David. Behold, how good and sweet it is when brothers also live together. It is like the precious oil on the head, falling down on the beard, the beard of Aaron, who wave down on the hem of his clothes. It is like the dew of the Hermon, who descends on the mountains of Zion. For that is where the Lord blesses, life for all eternity. 

Psalm 133

Are you looking for a house where you can come for a moment, just to BE you? And BE with capital letters. Just as you really are.

Maybe you need some company. A listening ear. Maybe you want to share your story. Perhaps you would like someone to pray for you or for the situation in which you are.  Perhaps you want to receive a piece of education from the Word of God, the Bible. That is possible!

Perhaps you just need a listening ear. Or maybe you want to watch a movie together, play a game, just have a cup of coffee together and just NOT do anything else. You can be there no matter who or what you are.  You can experience that you are welcomed and of value.

It is all possible. The people who are connected to this site all have an open heart to receive you as you are!

Feel free to contact one of them. Either there is already someone in your area or we are looking for someone in your area. If we do not have anyone in our network, we will go over the church walls and knock on the door of a local pastor or preachers’ place get someone to contact you if you wish.