710 Aberdeen

710 Aberdeen

Because apart from the Wild Goose there is no life.

The address, 710 Aberdeen Ave. in Winnipeg, Manitoba is the home address of our family; Marc, Hilde, and children Pranger. Our home is also a house for others, a house of blessing. On the main floor we can welcome people into our life and faith, as we work together with Living Word WPG. The symbol of our family home is the Celtic Wild Goose. The Wild Goose was a term that the ancient Celts had for the Holy Spirit. It is a Spirit that becomes active by our surrender to the loving and saving authority of Jesus Christ. Although the term “wild goose” may bring thoughts of  a wild goose chase – a hopeless chase, that is actually what life can often appear to be feel like – a foolish and hopeless pursuit of something unattainable. But Jesus Christ the Son of Creator and His active Holy Spirit can change that. 

We love the symbol of the Celtic Wild Goose because there  is a wildness to the Holy Spirit. Although the dominant images of the Holy Spirit are a meek dove or the flickering flame of a candle, both of which are accurate, the Holy Spirit is more than that. Our instincts are to keep life under control, but Jesus tells Nicodemus that the Holy Spirit, like the wind, clearly is beyond our control. In some North American Indigenous spiritually the Goose appears on the Medicine Wheel in the Cardinal Direction of North – the season of Snow and Renewal. The Bible teaches that out of the North God comes in his shining glory and in all his wonderful majesty.

We, the Pranger family, pray that when people are our guests, they will encounter this out-of-control Holy Spirit, especially if life feels like a hostile winter season. We pray that the people we encounter will have an encounter with the unpredictable Holy Spirit. We pray they will experience transformation, renewal, wholeness and harmony.

We believe God has led us to this place and this vision for ministry and we believe that the One who gave vision will also provide the financial partners in ministry that are needed to cover the costs of this house of light where once was only darkness. Please pray and ask the Lord whether this is something He wants you to partner with us in as we seek to reach this area with love of Christ. We are looking  for partners, first of all in prayer, but also financially. 

The following hospitality opportunities are  available.:

* The Living Room – a space open several hours a week for meeting and conversation 

*  Meet and Play-  a moment for women and children age 0-5 

* The Prayer Room – hosting set times of prayer during the week.

– Guestrooms – we have two guestrooms to welcome people in our house     and faith.

You can always send us an email to request a copy of the latest weekly schedule.

Contact marc.pranger@livingwordwpg.ca